GTS NX- system requirements



Do we have a more detailed document where I can find the GTS NX specification when it comes to its calculation parameters / CPU / RAM usage etc.
We have only this document:

Clients models are already so big that the calculations last several days or more so they would like to optimize the hardware calculations.
They need to know what and to what extent it can be used by midas GTS NX to could czlculayte faster. For example, how much RAM can use max in THA calculations, how many cores / separate processors can count at once etc.

Client jus bought new PC (refer to attachment) but it turns out: the processor used in 30%, super disk 5% RAM 20%.

He is asking for help how to increase the speed of calculation.




I don't have access to the data how much RAM can be used as maximum, but this is internal setting of the software.
I have to ask developers.

In terms of Processor: Real Cores should be used. So hyper threading technology should be off.
If PC has 4 real cores, then we are using 3 and leaving one for Windows operations.
Of course customer can use them all, but other applications can freeze.
So far we are assuming that 8 max number of CPU real core is supported without any issues.

There is no limitation of RAM for calculation in general.

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