Plate Element Local Axis Orientation, Align, Output


When using “Mirror” command to create symmetrical plate geometry, the direction of plate local axis reverse its direction (as shown below). When plotting the stresses and chose “UCS” option will the output stresses be in the global coordinate system ? how can we change the direction of local axis for all plates to be in the global directions?.

Answer: Hello User,

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There are many ways to orient Plate Element local axis.
1) While using mirror command - Use Reverse element local

2) In preprocessing mode we can align the plate element local axis. Goto Node/Element main tab > change Element parameters > Align Element local

3) Use Plate local axis function in post-processing to check the results.
Refer our online help manual:

4) Use UCS (User coordinate system) option to check the plate element results.

If UCS is not defined see the below screenshot to define from the UCS option

kindly reply back if you have any further issues.
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