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Shear Connectors Design

The composite design on the attached bridge is flagging the shear studs, specifically on the pitch. The formula result is very high (77.458 kip/in). I would like to understand how the program is calculating Frc, which comes out to be 77.458kip/in*48in = 3717.984kip. AASHTO commentary indicates that in lieu of a refined analysis, Frc may be taken as 25kip.

The units shown on the Excel output for Ffat1 and Ffat2 should be kip/in and not ksi/in.


Answer: Hello User,

Thanks for your interest in Midas.

Program does not calculate Frc, but We can maually input the value of Frc at shear connector definition. See the below figure.

After providing the value of Frc manually as 25, shear connectors seem to be adequate. PFA the revised design report.
We have taken note of correction on units from ksi/in to kip/in. It is corrected in latest Midas civil version.

Also, PFA the AASHTO design guide for midas Civil, to understand how the program performs the design.

kindly reply back if you have any further issues.
Creation date: 11/1/2017 1:57 AM ()      Updated: 11/8/2017 10:36 AM ()
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