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Sectional Property Calculator


Specifically, I need information on how to make a closed shape with a hole in it and then compute the planar section properties using the SPC commands including removing the material for the hole.

My .DXF file cannot be imported -> so I cannot get my section with holes this way. Are there rules for the formatting of this that I need to follow?

So this is three different questions – but my main issue is solved in question 2 I think.



Here are the steps for Sectional Property Calculator.

1. Import .DXF file into SPC program.

2. Define section [Model > Section > Generate].
Check on 'Plane' type and select the model by dragging.

3. Export the model to open it in Gen [Model > Section > Export].
Check on 'MIDAS Section file to import section in GEN.

4. Import spc file into Gen.
Select [value > General Section > Import SEC files..] and Enter the section name.

5. When you import the spc file into Gen, you can see its value in mgt file.
*SECT-GENERAL is not the function of generating the section and it just shows the information of the spc file.
In order to modify the section, you should modify the section in the spc file and import it again.
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