How to generate input & output data _ midas Civil comparison with other design tools.

The following functions are available to generate input and output data using midas Civil.

1. File > Model Data Text Output
2. Results > Text Output
3. Tools > Dynamic Report Generator

1. Text Output of Model Data
- The following Input Data will be summarized depending on the selected items.

The following text file will be generated with clicking on "OK" after making a choice which information will be exported.

2. Results > Text Output
- After analysis, in Post-mode, midas Civil can generate text output based on the selected load cases.
All the results such as member forces (Axial, shear and moment) and stress, reaction, displacement, will be exported automatically.

The user can select the element type for output data as the following image.

And the user can define the load set for the results of Displacement and Reaction as the following image.

The following is the list for the result output according to the above selection.

3. Tools > Dynamic Report Generator

- This includes all the input and output data along with result images, tables, graph and text.
- All the information will be summarized in single word document as the following image.

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