[PROPERTIES]     How do you define a material property that is not in midas Civil database?

At the Property main menu > Material Tab > Material Properties > [Add], you can add a new material property.

midas Civil provides various codes and database as shown below.

If you would like to simply choose the material from the built-in database, you can select the code and the database to obtain the corresponding material property. For example, if you would like to define ASTM reinforced concrete C3500, you can select ASTM(RC) for the Standard and Grade C3500 for the DB as shown below.

However, if you would like to define a material property that is not in the database, you may also define the material property manually. If you change the Standard to the [None] option, material property cells will open for manual modification or entering the new data. For example, if you need to define ASTM Grade C3600 concrete, you may select [None] standard and modify or newly enter the Modulus of Elasticity, Poisson's Ratio, Thermal Coefficient, and Weight Density.

The same goes for the Steel or any other types of material. You may also choose [None] as the Type of Design to define non-steel/concrete materials.
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