MIDAS Civil 2016 FAQ


Pre-Processing / 23
1. Various display options
2. How to provide support at base of a curved bridge deck?
3. How to define moving load to curved bridge? 2 point method is not working. Error is displayed that no element is on the defined lane.
4. How to generate uniform tapering irrespective of the number of segments?
5. How to copy tendon profile of one girder to all other girders?
6. Warnings displayed during analysis that certain load cases have not converged. How to converge all the load cases?
7. How to define more modes of vibration? Only a single mode is shown on performing response spectrum analysis.
8. Why are certain supports/links, though defined in the model are not applied while performing analysis?
9. How to model bearings? How to rotate bearings in case of curved bridge?
10. How to create a composite PSC / RCC section with an unsymmetrical slab?
11. How to import PSC cable profile from AutoCAD drawing?
12. How to use the material properties defined in one model file in any other model file, without defining it again?
13. How to reduce the section capacity to model a cracked section approximately?
14. How to import a section from an AutoCAD *.Dxf file?
15. What are Wood Armer moments? How to view in midas Civil?
16. How is the varying longitudinal stiffness of ballast/concrete bed considered for rail track analysis?
17. How to make a taper from composite T section to composite I
18. Plate thickness is not visible in the model while viewing solid view, why?
19 .What kind of boundary conditions & elements are available in eigenvalue, response spectrum, and time history analysis?
20. How to input surface spring coefficient for underground structure?
21. How to input temperature gradient load for a general or PSC section?
22. How to get concurrent reactions due to moving load?
23. What does the error ‘PSC/Composite type of beam section temperature cannot be applied to section of the element’, imply?

Analysis / 9
1. What is the difference between rigid link and rigid type elastic link?
2. What is the difference between lane element and cross beam method for vehicular load distribution? When should each be used?
3. How is a truss element and a cable element considered in midas Civil?
4. Why is the pre-stress elastic deformation loss sometimes positive?
5. Why is there a kink while elements activated in different construction stage are connected, when graphically viewing the results?
6. How does the software consider beam property changes with pre-stressing tendon?
7.What is the basis of P-Δ analysis in midas Civil? Secondary moment from P-Δ analysis matches with classical method calculation using actual stress rather failure stress. Why?
8. The deformations of master and slave nodes of a rigid link are not exactly same. Why?
9. Cable element is automatically transformed to equivalent truss element for linear analysis. What does this message imply?

Post-processing / 12
1. Why is the model showing reactions at all the nodes, though support has not been provided?
2. How to verify for the uplift due to moving load? And how to obtain the corresponding vehicle positioning?
3. How to obtain vehicle position causing Max./Min. Force or moment on an element?
4. Why is dead load results of last construction stage not matching with dead load results in post cs?
5. How to obtain cross sectional stresses for line element?
6. Why are the pre-stress losses given by midas Civil not matching with the manual calculations?
7. How to view the result table for construction stages?
8. Why are the stresses not being displayed for moving load cases in the results?
9. Displacement of the structure looks unrealistic. How can that be changed?
10. How to view the ultimate moment capacity of PSC girder along with the design moment?
11. How to view results of a particular load case separately in construction stages?
12. How to formulate load combinations for construction stage results?
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