[RESULTS]     Comparison of Local Axis and Global Axis

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To answer your last query!!
First regarding static cases like SW
In your model, it is not possible to get the exact results (i.e. local direction results in actual model = global direction results in rotated model) because:
1. The beam end releases are

To explain your last query, I did another Case study of a simple portal frame:
Regarding Simple Static Loads

We have 2 cases:

Case 1 : Load applied in Global X Direction and Frame rotated by an angle 30 degrees.

I applied Nodal Local Axis to all the nodes in the frame

Solid View of the Frame:

Before we come to results :
Nomenclature for Deformations:
DX, DY - Global X and Global Y
dx, dy - Local x and Local y

So, for this frame, if we run the analysis, we check the result of the loaded node:

Global X - DX : 63.054 mm

Global Y - DY : 44.979 mm

Local x - dx: 32.126 mm

Local y - dy : 70.485 mm

Case 2 : Frame rotated by 30 degrees to allign with the Global Axis

The 1000 kN is resolved in Global X and Global Y in such a way that it gives the same effect as the previous case

Also I defined Local x and Local y for all the nodes in such way that it replicates the Global X and Global Y in previous case

So, now we check the results :

Local x - dx : 63.064 mm

Local y - dy : 44.979 mm

Global X - DX : 32.126 mm

Global Y - DY : 70.485 mm

So, to summarise both the cases we got:

Case 1Case 2

So we get exactly the same results for Local and Global and vice e versa for both the cases.


For Case 1: RS is applied in Global X axis only

For Case 2: RS is applied in 30 degrees to Global X to represent the same case as Case 1:

For Lumped masses for both the cases I applied 100 in Global X and 100 in Global Y

Now we check all the results in same manner we get the following results :

Case 1Case 2

Thre results don't match....the reason is its not similar to static case. Now the deformations are dependent upon 2 things for Dynamic Case:
1. The orientation of Stiffness Matrix
2. The Inertia of masses

Currently both the cases have masses oriented in Global X and Global Y direction, that is why you are getting different results.

So, I did is, I added masses for the CASE 2, in such a way that it has the same effect as 100 and 100 in Global X and Global Y

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