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Should Creep Primary be added to Load Combination?


Midas Hello
When using the construction stage analysis, I understand that the effect of creep on displacements is taken into account and can be seen in the summation for each stage
When viewing resuls on the post C/S model, if I want to check my displacements, considering creep, do I need to add "creep primary" to my combination? If so will these creep primary forces not distort my force results?

Answer:Dear User,

Lets look how the software considers Creep primary and Creep secondary.

ϵcr: Creep strain (time-dependent strain due to creep)

P: Fictitious member force required to induce Creep strain (CS: Creep Primary)
Computing the fictitious force is necessary in the process of finding the creep strain, which is expressed in terms of member forces. This however has no physical meaning.
∆: Deformation due to Creep accounting for the constraints (CS: Creep Primary)
F: Member force due to Creep accounting for the constraints (CS: Creep Secondary)
R1, R2: Reactions due to Creep accounting for the constraints (CS: Creep Secondary)

While considering the deformations, creep primary has to be included.
But for forces this load combination should not be considered, but instead just the creep secondary forces are to be considered.

Hope this resolves your query. Do contact for any further clarification.
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