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Add reinforcement to beam



I'm tying to add reinforcement to sections "Arch Begin", "Arch Taper End", "Arch Taper1", "Arch Taper2", "Arch Taper3", "Arch Taper4", and "Arch Taper5".

I went to Design->RC Design->Beam Section Data for Design and the only section that shows up is the dummy section that I don't want reinforcement in. Where can I go to add reinforcement to my Arch sections?



Sorry for inconvenience.
But the tapered section RC design is not possible in midas. 
So, work around this would be to make a average section for the same and then analyze and design the following. 

So it's only showing the "Arch Begin" section. 

How can I add reinforcement in the other Arch sections that are tapered?


Thanks for reaching us.
We need assign that member as beam type.
Midas by default will consider the line elements as beam if their local x- axis lies in Global X-Y plane.

So, to update the elements as beam member type, refer the image below.

After updating the member type, we can obtain the section in beam section data for design as shown below.

Hope this helps and kindly let me know if further assistance is required.

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