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Creep and Shrinkage Result



Creep and Shrinkage properties are set and linked to material C35/45. After analysis checking the result of tendon, creep & shrinkage secondary, 2 separate bridges shown huge difference. On the left, the result seems relatively high compared with the bridge on the right (the result is almost negligible).  Meanwhile all other result seem to have similar pattern. Could it be due to the section "CIG2-1.29" is overly pre-stressed for the span? Please enlighten us on this matter.



This is happening because of time dependent material assigned to substructure. To explain this better, I separated the material of substructure as substructure and provided same properties as C35/45. The substructure material properties weren't  linked to time dependent.
The creep and shrinkage secondary results are observed for the both the structure.

Creep and Shrinkage secondary forces occurs due to indeterminacy of the structure.

As in left structure, 2 pier were used. Hence, pier cap were producing the secondary moments for creep and shrinkage because of cause by 2 piers. The only secondary moments are produced due to portal frame effect.
While right structure, there is one pier, hence pier cap is not determinate and thus, secondary moments are not produced. 

Model file has been attached were substructure is removed from time dependent properties.
Creation date: 6/8/2021 1:59 PM (jatin2010)      Updated: 6/8/2021 1:59 PM ()
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