Deformed Value for MIDAS Civil 2020 v1.1 vs v3.2


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The subject of the analysis is study the deflection of the girder for precamber study. Similar model has been analysed by different version of Midas civil (2020 version 1.1 and 2020 version 3.2). Could you please validate the results?
A simple model (filename: Verification) has been analysed, both values in 2020 version 1.1 and 2020 version 3.2 are similar.

Due to file size limit, the model together with output files could be downloaded at the link below:-

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Rigid beam here means it uses beam with very high stiffness and actual beam means it uses actual beam stiffness which is to be activated in next stage.
Normally, it doesn't create huge difference. But in some cases, like the model shared here in this query create the difference.
Example used there was to explain the concept. The difference don't occur straight in simpler model but appear in more complex model.

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Sorry to say that i'm not understand with rigid beam and actual beam here. Refer to the document [Initial Tangent Document [Must-See], both deflection are giving same values. I have tried the same study in model "verification" which gave similar values between V1.1 and V3.2. Could you please explain further?

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The Initial tangent document [must-see] is just for understanding how the initial tangent option (real displacement) is improved.
To understand this:
Let stage 1 be the in which 1 segment of cantilever beam is activated and stage 2 2nd segment of cantilever beam is activated as shown in image below.

Now, when the stage1 analysis is performed, beam gets deflected downward. Now, when segment 2 is activated in stage 2.
When initial tangent option is checked on,
Midas civil 2020v1.1: It calculates the location of far end node of segment 2 using the rigid beam.
Midas civil 2020v3.2: It calculates the location of far end node of segment 2 using the actual beam.
This is difference in 2 versions explained

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