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Civil 2022 (v1.1) Installation

Installation of Civil 2022 (v1.1)                        Uploaded on October 8, 2021

Release Note
  - Civil 2022 (v1.1)    

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[New] Patch for Civil 2022 (v1.1)                        Uploaded on November  3, 2021

The patch has fixed the following problems in Civil 2022 (v1.1)

  • [Steel Composite Girder Rating to AASHTO-LRFR 19] We cannot click OK on the Rating Parameters dialog box due to an unnecessary error message.
  • [PSC Girder Design to AS 5100] PSC design result tables are showing different outputs as compared to the selected outputs.

Download the zip file below and extract it to the 'midas Civil' folder.
   x64bit: [Download]

Creation date: 2/26/2021 2:49 PM (kyk0227)      Updated: 11/3/2021 11:10 AM (dklee@midasit.com)