DOF warnings



In the attached model" MBR...….North Plank" I am recieviening lots of DOF warnings that MIDAS is not able to complete the analysis.

Dividing the bridge in two separate file from pier located at X=470. either models are running without any warning. I am wondering how this is possible. Could you please have a look at the model.

I also attached the the separated parts" MBR......Remoded2", "MBR.....Plank2"

It is so critical .  The quick response would be appreciated.

Thank you



Actually, the stiff section is causing this instability as stiffness of stiff section is high thus causing numerical instability in stiffness matrix. Thus, it is advised to use either rigid link in place of that or provide stiffness value of 10 m4.
This will solve the issue. The model has been attached for review.

Creation date: 5/31/2021 4:18 PM      Updated: 5/31/2021 4:18 PM
MBR-RSI-Option 3-TPc-P12-North Plank.mcb
7.1 MB
MBR-RSI-Option 3-TPc-P12-North Plank_modified.mcb
7.1 MB
MBR-RSI-Option 3-TPc-P12-North Plank-Just Plank2.mcb
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MBR-RSI-Option 3-TPc-P12-North Plank-North Plank Removed2.mcb
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