Result extraction in MIDAS Civil for RSI



As per the beam stress diagram results of RSI, there are 2 cases, loaded and unloaded. Can you please let me know if the loaded case stress value is inclusive of temperature stresses or should the stress of loaded and unloaded be added and checked with permissible value?

Kindly confirm


Unloaded stage is a Construction stage 1 where only temperature is applied and resistance of ballast for unloaded condition is applied to all the sections.
While loaded stage is a construction stage 2 where further acceleration /braking and vertical load are added to structure and resistance of ballast for loaded condition is applied to location where train load is applied.

Loaded stage stress value is inclusive of temperature stresses and need not to be added to loaded case separately to check with permissible value.
Let's say we don't apply any further load (braking/vertical/acceleration) for loaded stage to verify that whether stresses obtained in unloaded due to temperature load are carried to loaded stage or not.
We observed same stresses were obtained in loaded and unloaded stage which verified that temperature stresses are added to loaded stage by midas itself which concludes that loaded stage are inclusive of temperature stresses.

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