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[New] nGen & Drawing 2021 (v1.2) Installation and Patch Files

[New] Installation of nGen & Drawing 2021 (v1.2)

  - General Execution Files : [Download]

  - Release Note : [Download]

  - nGen Link for Revit 2021 : [Download] (March, 16th)

[New] Latest Patch for nGen & Drawing 2021 (v1.2)

  - Patch installer : [Download]

   - Patch note : 
     1. Improvement of the performance in the mesh shape generation of the plate element.
     2. Improvement of the 'load for cracked section' dialog box.
     3. Improvement of the convergence in the PM curve for column and wall.
     4. Correction of the maximum reinforcement ratio of the column member in BS from 0.3% to 0.6%.
     5. Correction of the error in the continuity condition on the side of slab member.
     6. Correction of the error in calculating the member force in the slab design of the membrane type.
     7. Correction of the error in calculating the strength in the weak axis direction of the wall.
     8. Correction of the error in calculating the design member force of beam member.
     9. Improvement of the usability in modifying the modeling using 'Grip' for some members.
     10. Improvement of design time for 2D members.
     11. Correction of the error of not applying the average design force function.
Creation date: 10/29/2020 1:41 PM (hylee@midasit.com)      Updated: 4/29/2021 12:35 PM (Young Il Seo)