[New] Gen 2023 (v1.1) Installation Files 

1.[New] Gen 2023 (v1.1) Installater (19th. Oct. 2022) Update!

    1) General Execution Files (9th. Nov. 2022)

        * US/EN Version : [Download]
        * Taiwan Version : [Download]
        * India Version : [Download]

   2) MSI Install  (x64) :  [Download]

   3) Release Note : [Download]

   4) Design+ Patch (21th. Nov. 2022) : [Download]
       * Design+ was crashed when changing the design code to Eurocode at footing and composite beam.
       * Design+ was crashed when performing the base plate under Eurocode.
       * Error when calculating the modified moment in column desing. 

   5) GSD Patch (8th. Nov. 2022) : [Download] 
       *GSD was crashed when importing the elements of midas Gen to GSD.
       *Error caused at the design of some models.
       * Patch can be used after overwriting it into "midas Gen\midas GSD" folder

2. Gen 2022 (v2.1) Installater
    1) General Execution Files
        * US/EN Version : [Download]
        * Taiwan Version : [Download]
        * India Version : [Download]
    2) MSI Install  (x64) :  [Download]
    3) Release Note  :  [Download]
    4) [New] Gen 2022 (v2.2) official patch 
       * x64 : [Download]            x86 (32bit) : [Download]

If you are already a Gen2022(v1.1) user, you can also use Gen2022 (v2.1) with the same PKID with this Gen2022 (v2.1) installer.

***Click  [Download]  button for downloading installation files. 
After unzipping the files, run setup.exe. ***
***What is an MSI installer?****
 - It is not different with general execution files, 
- but, the process required for general installation is indeed simpler and faster. 
- Only x64 is supported in Gen program.
- Any auxiliary programs required for the execution of the program, like VC++ Redistributable Package, must be manually installed.

If the previous version was not removed, please install it again as “Administrator”.
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