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[New} Gen 2021 (v3.1) Installation Files & Gen 2021 (v3.2) Official Patch

[New] Gen 2021 (v3.2) Official Patch Files_ 2021/11/24 Update

     x64:  [Download]
    x86:  [Download]
     Release Note: [Download]

*11/24 Updated official patch above included the modifications below.
1. Restore 'Select elements by identifying' function
2. Improved calculation accuracy of 'Cyclic shear resistance' for RC ULS design

*This is a patch program for Gen 2021 (v3.1) users.
If you have not yet installed Gen 2021 (v3.1), please install the Gen 2021 (v3.1) first.
And, by downloading this patch file, unzip it. Overwrite the patch files in the 'midas Gen' folder.

[New] Gen 2021 (v3.1) Installation Files

1) General Execution Files
    * US/EN Version : [Download]
    * Taiwan Version : [Download]
    * India Version : [Download]

2) MSI Install  (x64) :  [Download]

3) Release Note  :  [Download]

** Installation (Gen 2021 (v2.1)) of previous version

      1) General Execution Files
          * US/EN Version [Download]
         * Taiwan Version : [Download]
         * India Version : [Download]

     2) MSI Install  (x64)  [Download]

     3) Release Note   [Download]


***Click  [Download]  button for downloading installation files. 
After unzipping the files, run setup.exe. ***

***What is an MSI installer?****
 - It is not different with general execution files, 
- but, the process required for general installation is indeed simpler and faster. 
- Only x64 is supported in Gen program.
- Any auxiliary programs required for the execution of the program, like VC++ Redistributable Package, must be manually installed.

Creation date: 10/29/2020 1:19 PM (hylee@midasit.com)      Updated: 11/24/2021 1:28 PM (huryoungwook)