Can we assign other load case like nodal and element load along with the specified displacement of support?


In the case of "Specific Displacements of Support," the program internally creates the nodal load that would create the required displacement at that node/support but at the same time, it also limits the displacement of that node by the specified value. For individual load cases, there would be no issues in the results, but if another load is considered along with the specified displacement load, the overall displacement of that node will be equal to the specified one. In other term, we can say that that node will become rigid in a specified displacement direction after that displacement. 

Let us take one example to understand this procedure more clearly. 

If this specified displacement load is combined with a different nodal force of 30kN in the same load case then see the reaction results. 

Therefore, combining any other loads in the same load case along with the specified displacement is not suggested.

Now let's discuss the solution for this, rather than including specified displacement in the main load case, reaction results of individual specified displacement load case can be included as point loads in the main load case. 

Creation date: 8/6/2020 2:37 AM      Updated: 10/11/2023 11:22 AM
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