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Program crashes when open new project



Hi, I have similar problem as the above ticket.
It was told that it is related to my graphic card and I am using an AMD Radeon HD 6570 on my desktop.

A solution was proposed by copying the patch files but the files in the link is no longer there. 
Can someone please reupload the link to the patch files.

Thank you.



Thanks for getting in touch.  Actually we were told that this solution used to interfere with some other software and thus, we removed the patches.  We'll remove this article as well.  Thank you for pointing this out.
Current solution is to update the graphics card drive to the latest version and run midas Civil as an administrator.
If that doesn't work and the software still crashes, kindly let us know the faulting module by following the process in the document (Link).
Kindly let us know if further assistance would be required.

Technical Manager, MIDAS

Thank you for your advise. Your solution of updating the graphic card driver works.
Creation date: 12/11/2019 5:31 AM (nandeep)      Updated: 12/11/2019 4:06 PM (nandeep)
Midas error 3.PNG
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