Web License Network Error Troubleshooting Guide

If you receive "Network Error" like below, please see this article.

1. Check Account Information

First of all, please double check if your ID and Password contain only alphanumeric characters.
If not, you can modify it from the following link.

2. Network Setting

If you still have the same problem, that means, your system does not allow you to access to our server.
For this case, your IT manager or someone who can control it should open the following IP and Port.
Please check with your IT support engineer if the following IPs and Port are not blocked.

MIDAS Authentication Server IP

MIDAS webpage server IP

Port number

The following is a simple test to check whether your system has been blocked or not.
You can open CMD window and put “ping www.naver.com” and then you can see if the loss is 0% or not.
It must be 0% loss.

3. Firewall Setting

One more tip about “How to open Firewall ports in Windows 10.”
The user should check if the firewall is blocking a specific port, or need to open a specific port when “network error” comes up.

Before you do follow this process, you can do simple test. Turn off firewall and try to use the web license. If it works, that means your firewall is blocking our port.

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