Midas Civil shows duplicate nodes located near one another, whereas in the model there is only one node. How can I rectify this visual error?


This is a common error occurred in a model that was generated by importing a CAD model. MIDAS has a CAD engine but it is optimized for the range of 500,000 coordinate magnitude or lower. For example, midas Civil can handle up to 500,000 without much issue but if the coordinate magnitude becomes greater than 500,000, then the display error starts occurring. This is regardless of the unit system being used. The same rule applies to 500,000 ft or 500,000 m. 

This display issue does not affect the analysis or design result; however, for the modeling, we recommend to keep midas Civil model close to the origin coordinate. The model can be moved to close to the origin point in CAD file or in midas Civil file. In midas Civil, [Node/Element] > [Translate] > [Move] option can be used. 

Please find the attached troubleshooting guide.

Creation date: 5/8/2019 6:51 PM      Updated: 4/21/2023 12:10 PM
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