Midas Civil Crashes During Work-Ugrent


Dear Midas Technical team,

Midas civil software crashes after a couple of minutes of launching and proceeding in work. This incident happens every-time, I have uninstalled/reinstalled it several times in addition to that I have changed the laptop with the help of our technical team and we failed to find a solution. our technical team conclusion is that Midas civil is not applicable with windows 10, I have attached below error which they have found every-time when it crashes during their investigation.


The error you got is about your window system. If you google "comctl32.dll", you can easily check why it happened.
All MIDAS software is fully compatible with all windows system. Many Parsons engineers are using Windows10. Mine is also windows10.

For your reference, I enclosed the troubleshooting guide, you can check and follow one by one.

Two cases we have
1. Crash when you open the software --> Windows update and C++ redistributable package
2. Crash when you open the model file or open the new project --> Graphic card driver update.

Since you have an issue when you open the software, I strongly recommend you to check the redistributable package, windows updates.

And the exception code is about "Access violation".
Creation date: 4/30/2019 11:51 AM      Updated: 5/7/2019 6:09 AM
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