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soilworks opening problem


one of our trial users from Limak Company has a problem about opening soilworks

Initially , He was able to open software but while modelling it was frequently freezing 2-3 seconds and then he was able to continue modelling.
However after a while,  main software window now  can be opened and he can see the license registration window. He can click OK to licence check but then software freezes and nothing happened. Any of preready model and/or a new modelling window  cannot be opened. 
Computer's other functions are well not freezed. 
Virus protection is disabled and he uninstall reinstall the software but soilworks is not working.
I am sending his computer properties and soilworks window printscreen as attachment

Can you please help to solve this problem




Freezing is not problem with soilworks... depends on his PC.

He needs to check the frequency of his monitor and how much support it his graphic card (checking the update of his graphic card).

And, please remove whole things related with SoilWorks even,, the soilworks folder in his C drive. ans re-install again and key-in the license.

Thanks N Regards

Choi, Youngho
MIDAS Global Technical Center

Dear Choi,

The user informed us that he did what you recommend below but the problem is still ongoing

Please find his grafical card info as attachment. 


Your attached picture is too small...

So, i can't verify your picture.

Can you re-upload this picture with larger size?

Thanks N Regards

Choi, Youngho
MIDAS Global Technical Center

Hi Choi,

these pictures sent by email to us and I forwarded this email to you. Can you please check it from your email


Dear Choi,

I had a freezing problem and  SeungKyu Nam from your team helped us to solve freezing problem of our computer as recommending to deactive Intel(R) HD Graphics  card. 
So today we also recommended the user to do this and he says it works fine now. 

So please keep in mind also this solution. 

his computer is fine now you can close this case.


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