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Envelopes and concurrent loading



I am designing  an integral bridge and applying road moving load to my bridge model. In the result tab I can obtain three load cases created by the software that are basically MAX, MIN and ALL envelopes of maximum forces for the model.

My question is, is there a way I can select a group of elements (i.e longitudinal beam consisting on several frame elements) and export envelopes for a given force (i.e max bending moment) and then obtain concurrent forces associated with that force? I understand that the software is calculating every load case in order to create the automatic envelopes but I need to design for MAX BM with concurrent, MAX Shear with concurrent, etc.

If you can solve this query it will save me lots of time because I have been extracting static load cases for maximum forces in the past and to be honest, takes a lot of time to extract something MIDAS has already calculated.

Thank you very much in advance,


Hello ,

You can obtain the concurrent forces in a table format in results tables. For this:

1. Activate the Normal + Concurrent forces to be saved from the Analysis >> Moving Load Analysis Control and re-analyse the model:
2. Go to Results >> Result Tables, select the beams and moving load cases you are interested in to generate the table. This will be based on the envelopes as you have indicated. Right-click in the table and choose View by Max Value Item:

3. Select the leading components and load cases and a new table with concurrent forces will be generated:

Kind regards,
MIDAS Support

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