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combinations for ULS and SLS at the beginning of bridge operations and reactions resultant


Thanks for answering my previous ticket, that helped. One more ticket with two questions: I could not find in any tutorial or manual how to define ULS and SLS combinations not at the end of lifetime with all the creep and shrinkage fully developed but at the beginning of the lifetime say after surfacing and SDL is applied and the bridge is open to operation. For the end of lifetime ULS I would use the DEAD (CS), the TENDON SECONDARY, CREEP SECONDARY AND SHRINKAGE SECONDARY plus the appropriate live load and load factors and for SLS I would use the SUMMATION (CS) plus the appropriate live load but not sure how to add the ULS/SLS combinations with live loads at say 100 days.   One last side question, is there a function for reaction summation resultant force of selected nodes? Many thanks. 

Hello ,

To check the short term ULS/SLS effects in the structure just after completion, you will need to reduce the duration of the last stage to say a 100 days and run the analysis with this short duration. This will stop the long-term effect from developing and you will have the results for your structure at 100-days-after-completion age.

Alternatively, you can again define the last stage of your bridge with a short duration and name it something appropriate - say 'Completion', and then add one more stage where nothing in the structure changes but it is just the long term duration and name it - say 'Long-term'. You can then use the Analysis >> Construction Stage Analysis Control >> Final Stage option, to choose up to which stage you want the construction stage analysis to be performed. In this way you will not have to change the parameters of your stages later on, but simply change the final stage of your CS analysis based on which case you want to examine.

Note that both solutions above would require to re-analyse the model. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Kind regards,
MIDAS Support
Creation date: 2/14/2019 5:50 PM (MIDAS_UK_IM)      Updated: 2/15/2019 4:21 AM (MIDAS_UK_IM)