Midas Soilworks: Slope Module - Stability FOS Results in Table



I am using Soilworks software, Slope module to run analysis of embankment fill stability by construction stages. My question is:

1) At the end of the results, how to tabulate FOS results with each stages under same table?

2) Under 'Pre Mode' (after run first analysis), I try to change smart surface ground material with another material but look like cannot change it. Its keep appear as Smart Mesh. How to change it as 'Initial View' so that I can change/drag ground material into smart surface easily? 

Please assist me.

Thank you.


Good morning,

Factor of Safety can be displayed at Model Tree and there is not possible to tabulate.
If you go to Report you can get collection of Factors of Safety from each CStage.

If I did not understand your query correctly please let me know.

How to change material for elements has been presented on attached video.

Thank you,

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