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Slope Stability Module - Geotextile Calculation


Dear Sir,

This is Fauzan from Opus Consultants (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. I would like to ask you regarding SoilWorks Slope Module. I had run analysis for fill embankment cases. I put geotextile under fill embankment and noticed on output results, there are no different Factor of Safety (FOS) for with and without geotextile (which is same FOS results both cases). My question are:

1) How to consider geotextile in calculation analysis? as there is no option for geotextile in 'Add/Modify Analysis Case' (as shown in attachment Screenshot 1). 

2) Currently to exclude geotextile, I unclick on 'Structural Property' (as shown in attachment Screenshot 2) and re-run analysis. Output FOS results still the same with previous analysis with geotextile.

3) For geotextile input under ' Define Structural Property', we noticed there are optional element type for 'Strip/Fabric(LEM)' and 'Geogrid' (as shown in attachment Screenshot 3). Both element type I tried to used for analysis but the results keep the same. Which one is preferable for limit equilibrium slope stability analysis? 

Attached also my 'SoilWorks Slope module' file case analysis for your checking.

Hopefully you can assist me on this matter. 

Thank you.




See attached video. Please reverse orientation of the curve where geotextile has been defined.

1. There is no option for this. You have to save model in separate file. One with Geotextile one with no Geotextile. 
2. The same as 1.
3. For LEM analysis you can use related Properties only like below. Geogrid is used for SRM or SAM or C Stage analysis type only.

Piotr Stepien

Hi Mr. Stepien,

Thank you for your prompt response, my following query: 

1) Can you explain why we need to put 'reverse line axis / reverse orientation' (yes its work and FOS increase) on geotextile line? as I am not clear on its.  

2) Under 'Define Structural Property', what is 'Width' referring to? Is it refer to width of line geotextile that we define? (as shown in attachment Screenshot)

Thank you.


Please look inside Online help.

Hi Mr. Stepien,

Regarding on question number 2:

I run analysis under LEM method. Hence, I need to used element type 'Strip/Fabric(LEM)' instead of 'Geogrid' for modeling as geotextile. For 
element type 'Strip/Fabric(LEM)' its required to define 'Width' under 'Define Structural Property'. Is it referring to width of line geotextile that we modeling as line? (shown in attachment)

Thank you.


It is strip width in lateral direction. You are applying tensile reinforcement force. 
To calculate stress length is given by curve and width has to be specified.

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