Time-varying static loads in the Dynamic Analysis of high-speed rail project


We are currently working on a high-speed Railway Bridge project.  I have questions about time history analysis. We would like to create a grillage mode for our bridge for time history analysis and I don't think that point load will be appropriate for this type of model.  I would like to know if it is possible to apply another type of load for time history analysis. I would like to make transverse distributions and apply load as line load (in the transverse direction). I found out that at Midas it is an option as 'Time-Varying Static Loads' and I would like to know if it is going to work the same way as 'Dynamic Nodal loads'


Yes, you can use the Time-Varying Static Loads to apply a UDL in the Time History Analysis. However, unlike the Dynamic Nodal Loads which are applied to a node directly into the Time History Load Case, here you will need to define a static load case for each independent UDL which you want to apply in the TH Analysis with a different time or magnitude.

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