Could you please have a look at the creep forces developed in my MIDAS model during the 3rd construction stage?

The entire model and CS look fine, but the creep primary My values at CS3 are approx 450kNm near the supports, an order of magnitude very different from what it is expected (The Summation at that same stage varied from 250 to -85 kNm)

Could you see the reason for these values developed by the creep? I have revised the time-dependent material properties and could not find anything weird.

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Please not that the Creep Primary is not a real force that exist in the structure, but a fictitious which simulates the creep deformation. The force that exists in the structure is Creep Secondary.

In your model, if the current static load bending moment in the system is 250kNM, then a long term creep factor of say 1.7 would need to apply a equivalent bending moment of 1.7*250 = 425kNm to simulate the creep displacement, which is in the same order of magnitude as the one you observe in the model.

You can find more information on the Primary and Secondary effects in the Online Manual:

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