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I am currently undertaking a moving load analysis of a U-frame bridge model (attached). When analysed the loads are applied to longitudinal member directly under the wheels, however the loads do not produce stresses in the cross members or the main girders which are composed of plate elements. The applied forces do however produce reactions and deflections within these elements.

Do moving load analyses have to be converted into a static load case in order to produce these stresses due to the enveloped approach taken by moving load analysis? If so what is the best way to approach this? My aim is to produce the most onerous axle configuration of a train load, then apply it within a non-linear analysis to find the bending capacity of the main beams. The loading in the model is preliminary as  i plan to create a custom loading profile as RA1 type loading does not seem to appear within your list of vehicles.

In addition, is it possible to carry out multiple advanced analyses within the same model? I cannot currently run an eigenvalue analysis when there is a non-linear analysis or moving load analysis set up within the model, is there a way of seperating analyses so they are run separately and sequentially.


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To obtain the stresses in plate elements from the moving load analysis you need to activate this in the Analysis >> Moving Load Analysis Control:

You can check which analyses can be used simultaneously in the Online Manual >> Analysis Guide:

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