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Beam Forces - Result by Max Value vs Result from converted static load


The concurrent forces I am obtaining from moving loads by using View by Max Item Value are different than the forces I obtain from converted static loads by using Moving Tracer.
I have attached a MS-Excel document with two examples:
- Maximum shear-z in Element 771J due to moving load case "CN LM2 Joints(max)"
- Minimum My in element 1689I due to moving load case "CN LM2 Joints(min)"
It can be observed that the same max/min values are obtained using the converted static load but the concurrent forces are different.
The Midas models are also attached (one is the master model and the other one contains the converted static loads).
Am I doing something wrong or it is an error in the software?


Hello ,

Looking at the results you have included in the table, it seems to me that you are looking at the envelope results for the MVL case and not the concurrent values.

If you go to Results >> Result Tables >> Beam >> Force, the table will present to you the envelope results for the beams under the MVL case. If you want to check the concurrent force, you need to right-click in the table and choose View by Max Value Item, and activate the Shear-z and Moment-y.

You will then be able to see the concurrent forces for the governing shear and moment cases:

As you see above, these values match well with the static load cases results that you have shown in the table.

Kind regards,
Technical Support Team

Creation date: 11/11/2018 5:15 PM (MIDAS_UK_IM)      Updated: 11/12/2018 3:47 AM (MIDAS_UK_IM)
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