ELASTIC / RIGID LINKS BETWEEN PIER AND TUB GIRDER are not activated in the Construction stages and thus not yields the expected behavior.  


first, you have to examine the construction stages. Now for Example in CS2, the Elastic Links are not activated.

The possible reasons for this may be the Elastic link boundary groups and structure groups are not defined correctly. 

For the same example:
If you go to the 'Base stage', the elastic links are connected to nodes 159 and 161. Thus, you should activate those nodes together with Elastic Links.

Now, Create a structure group containing those nodes and activate it at stage CS2.

Now, you can see that the Elastic Links are activated at the stage CS2.

Now the results obtained will be correct. 
Creation date: 11/8/2018 7:56 PM      Updated: 5/17/2023 7:48 AM
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