I am running my analysis and I am finding out that by changing the anchor spacing the safety factor is not changing.

To my understanding, by decreasing the distance, the number of anchors increase and soil gain more strength and I should have a higher safety factor.


Can you check my analysis files and let me know what is wrong.



I enclosed another example, and cases for your reference.

First of all, regardless of the issue you raised, I recommend you model the geometry as close to origin, because the program will take each coordinates too. Your geometries were too much far from origin, so I moved it and modify.

As you can see the example I enclosed, you can see the effect of spacing. However the effect can be negligible depending on which factor is the most critical one, considering soil material, failure surface, applied load ..etc.

For instance, if you change the spacing like 20, 30m , you will see the difference. I want to tell you it is also depending on the analysis option like bishop or not.
I want to tell you the program itself doesn't have the problem. Please find the modified model, _rev and change the spacing like more than 50m. 
These two cases are just to let you know the spacing itself is taken into account for the analysis.

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