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MIDAS Civil - Analysis error



I have this error message on my computer when i run the attached model.
Note that my colleague has no problem running the analysis with his laptop.

The model was created with MIDAS Civil 2018 and i run the analysis with my recently upgraded to version 2019. I ran it with 2018 version before and it had the same error problem. 

The problem seems to be with my computer? Please advise what could be the source of the problem? 

Thanks & Regards,



Before we have a web session, here is one more thing you should try. Sometimes this is happening because anti-virus software does not allow midas Civil to write temporary files on the harddisk. Please turn off your anti-virus software and run midas Civil or you can add midas Civil to the list of safe software from your anti-virus software. Please let me know if it works or not.

DK Lee

Creation date: 11/8/2018 8:00 PM (dklee@midasit.com)      Updated: 11/9/2018 6:31 AM (dklee@midasit.com)
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