Midas Civil_PSC Bridge Tendon Number Fine-tuning


Dear Midas Civil 

In any PSC bridge design, whether it is balance cantilever or continuous structure bridge, a great amount of time spent on the iteration of tendon profile and tendon number iteration to satisfy the design for a given bridge span or section. That’s the only variable remains in design engineer’s hand at the end of the design process. On the tendon profile changing or modification, I believe Midas civil has good tools and menus available to execute this task easily, although still there is room of improvement exist.

It would be great benefit to engineers in terms of time saving, if there should be any option to change the tendon number easily, may be in excel cell or something like you have “cable control” tool for cable stay bridge. At present, we go one by one to different tendon profile and change the number of tendon in its property box.

If possible, even it can be extended to the result viewing also.  What I mean is, most cases PSC design is governed by SLS stress check of top and bottom fibre of the section. Then on the stress result window of “PSC Beam stress” or “plot diagram > viewing all top bottom in same diagram” can be linked to tendon number finetuning. In this case as all the parameter or variables are same for model, except the tendon number, Midis should not repeat the analysis for these load cases and save time.

I would like to know, if there already any option existing in Midas civil, to do the finetuning of the tendon number? Although we have “tendon profile” window exists but the “property” or “tendon number” column is not text based editable in that window.




Thank you for your valuable comments. I agree that we in the near future should have such a capability in midas Civil. It might be a little useful for you to use "MCT Command Shell" to edit the tendon data in the text format. 
For the Tendon Property, you can type or select *TDN-PROPERTY and hit the "Insert Data" button in the MCT Command Shell. Edit any input data and hit the "Run" button.

For the "Tendon Profile", the command name is *TDN_PROFILE as shown below.

DK Lee
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