Import loading from MCT file


An MCT file with positions of beam loads is created by Moving Load Tracer. But when I try import this data to Midas Civil, I have the following error message:

[Error] Beam Loads has been entered in the element no. 4 that has not been specified.
Run Error : command in line 22
Import MCT


Hello ,

The "File >> Import >> MIDAS .mct file" function is used to import entire models and should be used in an empty model. It does not add to the existing model but overwrites it, which is why you get an error that element 4 does not exist.

To import the static loads exported from the Moving Load Tracer you need to go to Tools >> MCT Command Shell, then open the load file which you exported (or copy paste the text in the MCT Command Shell window) and press Run. You should get a message in the Message Window that there are no Warnings/Errors.

Let us know if there is anything else.

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