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If we change construction stage in post analysis, all group is activated automatically.


I visualise only a certain element group during post analysis. 

If I change construction stage, it switches on all element activation automatically.
Can I freeze group view to prevent this ? 


Hello ,

Yes, you can freeze the elements which are activated using the "Active Fix" at the bottom right of the window:

When you activate this function, it will lock in the elements which are currently activated and activate only those when you change stages. Note that it will always re-activate to the elements which were active when you switched on the Active Fix function. If in one of the stages you activate/deactivate some elements, if you then change the stage it will revert to the original list of activated elements. If you want to update the list, simply switch OFF and ON the function to lock in the new elements active on screen.

Kind regards,
Creation date: 8/27/2018 9:56 AM (MIDAS_UK_IM)      Updated: 8/27/2018 7:28 PM (MIDAS_UK_IM)
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