Beams ends released



I get an error when I release the ends of the beams in my model (see attached), it works well when the beams don’t have the end released.  But in this model, when I check the results the model just closes.

I have tried having rigid links, but it seems that I can’t have two coming to a node (or I get errors as well).

Could you help me?




On closer reivew, it was observed that the Rigid material had very high elasticity.  Such high values can results into instability.  Kindly reduce this stiffness to a magnitude of 10^8 kN/m^2.  Beam end releases could simply be deleted.  It could be noted that the magnitude of the moments is quite low.  If it is to be further reduced, just reduce the section size to say 2mm.  Unfortunately, the model I've worked on is in the latest version of midas Civil, so that wouldn't be of help.  The changes to be done are listed below:
1)  Change the elasticity as shown below.
2)  Change the section size as shown in the image below:
3)  Delete all the beam end releases.

Kindly let us know if further assistance would be required.

Technical Manager, MIDAS
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