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Material Properties for BS 5400 part 4 (concrete)


When doing an assessment of a prestressed concrete structure, box type, I realised that for chosen standard, BS (British Standard) and any concrete strength, the Elastic modulus is input wrongly by the default values. They are one level lower, say for C50 - the E modulus is 31 GPa rather than 34 GPa. Please update as many will be mislead like myself. Please refer to BS 5400-4, table 3. I suppose the difference comes from mistaking the EN code with the BS code.

The difference continues with the coefficients for thermal expansion. BS5400-4, page 10, par. 1 states a= 12x10-6/oC, while the coefficient with a chosen concrete grade is defined as a= 10x10-6/oC. Please check all the parameters of the Material properties for all grades. I looked at C40, C50 and C60, they are shifted one level down.


The current material database refers to BS 8110-2. We agree that BS 5400 database should be added in midas Civil. This will be included in the development wish-list. For the time being, material properties need to be defined manually. Thanks.

DK Lee
Creation date: 7/18/2018 7:03 AM (dklee@midasit.com)      Updated: 7/18/2018 4:33 PM (dklee@midasit.com)
2018.07.17_E modulus BS 5400-4.docx
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