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Composite Steel Girder Rating


I am trying to perform a composite steel girder rating. In the Define Rating Case dialogue the load cases do not come up under the Static Load Combination section at the top. I do have 4 static load cases established in the model. The rating ran successfully but appears to not be including dead loads. How to get the static load combination to appear so they can be selected and included in the rating?
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There are two modeling approaches for rating, i.e. one with construction stages, the other without construction stages. It seems that your model includes construction stages for which 'Dead Load (CS)' load case representing the effects of dead loads of the bare steel section is generated by the program. When a model includes construction stages, the Dead Load (CS) is automatically selected as 'DC (Before)' load case for the Rating function. Thus, there is no need to select any load case.

However, when a model does not include construction stages, the user is supposed to select a static load case for 'DC (Before)'.

DK Lee
Creation date: 7/15/2018 10:26 PM (dklee@midasit.com)      Updated: 7/16/2018 7:58 AM (dklee@midasit.com)
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