How to perform "Spectra Peak Broadening" after TH analysis ?



When engineer designing Nuclear structures, they have to providing structure floor response spectra to equipment subcontractor for checking there has no significant interaction with supporting structure.
and some regulatory guide and standards recommend to broadening the peak of computed floor response spectra for consider uncertainties.
SAP2000 seems have this function can provide user very easy way to adjust the peak.
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Do we have this feature or similar function can do this? I cannot find suitable features in TH Results or TH Graph.
Could you please give me some advise?

Thanks a lot.
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Thanks for writing to us!

This explicit feature for spectrum widening is not available currently in midas civil.
As a workaround to get the response spectrum for a specific earthquake-data. We can use the below feature.
1) This feature will only give you the plot, but not the values, so if we need the pseudo acceleration vs time period values, then we need to manually digitize this graph, which can be easily performed.
2) After obtaining the response spectrum we can widen it manually, and use it for response spectrum analysis of a nuclear structure.

Hope this helps!
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