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assigned horizontal load (x and y- direction)


How to assign manually x and y-direction of horizontal load to the diaphragm center? 


I have been looking for which material to provide you.
Here, I have brought two good sources for your query:

1: Online Training Center for midas Gen:

On this site, you can create an account and select the topic of your interest and go through it as a training course.
Each course has PDF tutorials and a model file so you can follow.

for better explanation, the training center is backed up by youtube webinar series:
2: Youtube Webinar for Training Center:


Here, you can find categorized videos so you can choose the same topic as you can find in Online Training Center.

The two links above are regarding the construction stage analysis on both automeric and manual way.

Please let me know in case of further doubts, or questions.
Best regards,


Among the lateral load, the seismic and wind load are automatically apply to the center of the mass and area respectively. If you want to enter the lateral load to the center of the diaphragm, you have to generate the rigid link(please refer to the below link) and then manually apply the lateral load to the marked point.

The ticket number 12210070 and 12191792 have the same issue, so I will close them.

Have a nice week !
Thank you.

Best regards,
Jihong Hwang

sorry, may i know where is the link to refer for the application of rigid link? or the image only?


Here is the online manual address for the rigid link.
Thank you.

Best regards,
Jihong Hwang

When using rigid link, do i still need to use consider diaphragm in the story there?


When you use the rigid link, you should not consider the diaphragm in the story.
Thank you.

Best regards,
Jihong Hwang
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