Boundary Change Assignment


I am trying to confirm whether the results of a specified displacement load case are the same whether the load case is applied within the construction staging or outside of it.

In my model, I have Static Load case 13 (Settlement A-1U) applied in the “Settlement” stage of my construction staging, under the load group “Settlement.” Since the model uses compression-only supports, I want to make sure that the boundaries are acting as expected, so I added a Boundary Change Assignment to Static Load case 13, so that the boundary conditions are identical between the two scenarios. However, Midas gives an error when I try to run the analysis, and thus the analysis is terminated.

The model runs without the Boundary Change Assignment, but the results of the settlement case are different inside and outside of the construction staging. I added a “Load Case to be Distinguished from Dead Load for C.S. Output” to the Construction Stage Analysis Control Data for the specified displacement.

Let me know how to resolve this issue.


Answer: Dear User,,

Boundary change Assignment is supported after the construction stage and not within the construction stage.
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