Crowd loading



May I have some support in applying the crowd load, please?

I’ve watched a few videos and it’s said that the load is applied in the same way as walking load, however the equation in EC gives results in kN/m2 and the function in Midas is completely different to the equation in EC1-2, NA.2.44.5 and it also includes some constant parameters, which MidasUser help doesn’t specify how to obtain.

Could someone please assist me?

Thanks for writing to us.

We can compare both equations of code and sinusoidal midas equation as shown in below snapshot:

I understand this can be tricky, just that we need to be careful with units. Furthermore, I created an excel sheet where i have done manual calculation. PFA.

Parameters are also explained in help manual.

Hope this helps, kindly reply back if you have any further issues.
Suman Dhara
Technical Support, MIDAS
Creation date: 10/27/2017 6:53 AM      Updated: 10/27/2017 4:25 PM
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