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 Inverted tee bent design


I have question regarding Midas that I hope you can help me out with or you can pass along to someone who could help me. I am designing a multi-span bridge. Pre-stressed concrete girders supported by inverted tee straddle bents. I am looking at the bent design right now. When I input an inverted tee section into my model Midas is unable to design these sections. However when I input a rectangular section instead Midas I am able to design the bent caps. What is the reason for midas not allowing me to design inverted tee sections?

Inverted tee bents – not able to design for this section

Rectangular bents – able to design for this section

Thanks for your help,

Answer: Dear User,

Please note, this is one of the limitation of midas.
For beam design, the supported sections for design are Rectangular, Square And Regular T sections.

How ever, I could suggest a work around, you may define the inverted T as a regular T section, but provide a beta angle to orient it as an inverted T.
This way you might be able to design the section.

Hope this helps. Do let us know if any further clarification if required.
Creation date: 10/27/2017 7:57 AM ()      Updated: 10/27/2017 5:28 PM ()
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