Construction Stage Analysis Control Questions


Dear Support Team,

I have two questions in the construction stage analysis control manual. Please see the figure attached.

1. About the Initial Tangent Displacement for Erected Structures:
For the group options, it seems that only one group can be selected. However, if I have multiple groups for activation at different construction stages, how can I control initial tangent displacement for these multiple groups?

2. About the initial force control:
When I have live load, temperature load in the post construction analysis, should I convert final stage member force to initial forces for post. C.S.? Is the application for the application initial member forces only for cable stay bridges to consider geometry stiffness of cables?


1. Tangent displacement group - This group need not be a structure group which is activated in construction stage. An element can be a part of multiple structure groups. Hence, a structure group could be created for all the elements, for which the tangent displacement is to be obtained.
2. Initial force control - As you suspected, this is only for geometric stiffness in the structure. Its effect as such could be ignored for other static load cases and moving loads if the structure is not geometrically sensitive.
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