Traffic Lane Optimization parameters


What are the parameters, Anal. Lane Offset and “Margin in Traffic Lane Optimization feature?

How to find the maximum moment & shear on the girders and the floor beams for the following bridge using Traffic Lane Optimization?
Bridge specifications: 3-span steel through girder bridge, having two girders spaced 30ft apart with floor beams running from girder to girder. The bridge is on a 21-degree skew. The travel way is 26’-0” wide and is centered between the girders. 


So, for the vehicle positions and carriage way, following should be the input for Case 1:
Optimization Lane: 20'
Lane Width: 12'
Anal. Lane Offset: 2'
Wheel Spacing: 6'
Margin: 0'
Offset distance to lane center: The input here is the eccentricity of center of carriageway from the reference element in accordance to which the lane is defined.

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