Interpreting Plate results for Moving Loads


I modeled a rigid concrete frame in 3D using plate elements. I have grouped the elements by locations (ex. all elements at the midspan of any frame bay). I want to find the maximum and minimum moments, in particular Plate Force UL:Local, for each group of plate elements. Is there a way for me to view the summary of mx/min values for each load case in MIDAS? I do not care which element in particular is controlling each load case, I don''t need to see all the other values, only the max and min values. I have several thousand plate elements in the model, so it is difficult for me to sort through them manually or in Excel. (imagine a bridge with 1000 floorbeams, you dont need to design each one and see the loads in each one individually, only the worst one... in the same way I only want to see the worst plate element).


Actually, for any single load case, there could be multiple plates which could be the worst. Say, the plate worst in shear and the plate worst in bending would be different. Also, if we are considering the concurrent forces, the worst element which needs to be considered for design could be altogether a different element!
Hence, once the tables are generated, user needs to interpret the worst result manually. As such, even if this is implemented in midas Civil, the process would be quite similar to what needs to be done in excel. I do understand that it is a time consuming process though. We'll ask the developers if there could be a quicker way for a work around on this.
One of the quicker ways to obtain the plates with worst effects manually is as follows:
1. Create an envelop of all the applied load cases/ combinations
2. Check the maximum and minimum for all components of forces () for required component of forces in the legend.
3. Note the plate nos. with max and min results for the envelop load combination (Max & Min).

4. When generating the result table, kindly enter only these plate numbers.
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