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Element removal to model cable break


In a network arch bridge, there are 48 cables. I need to model cable break after the construction analysis.
1. How can I remove one cable at a time without saving them into 48 different files? How can I just keep construction analysis and the 48 cases in one file?
2. How can I envelope the 48 cable removal load cases, and combine the envelope results with the results at the end of construction?


These situations needs to be modeled individually in different files, and in construction stage. There is an option for independent and accumulative results in construction stage. However, this will not be helpful for this type of checking. Going by standard practice:
1) Cable has to be deactivated
2) 1.5 times the cable force has to be applied in the direction of cable pretension (To model sudden break. Ignore, if the loss of cable force is controlled)
3) Activate the cable element again and re-stress
For this process, all the files would have to be generated separately.
The envelop of these load cases would have to be done in excel.
Creation date: 10/29/2017 1:11 AM ()      Updated: 10/29/2017 10:44 AM ()